ZK Studio

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Written by: Konrad Szołajski and Friedrich Apke
Directed by: Konrad Szołajski
Camera: Tomasz Wójcik
Edting: Ludmiła Korb-Mann
Music composed by: Krzesimir Dębski
Length: 86‘
Completed: 2012 Producer: Ewa Żukowska, Konrad Szołajski – ZK STUDIO

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production

About film:

Polish contemporary countryside is the place where tradition and modernity coexist together. Power is exercised by a parson, who is fascinated by new technologies. Local constable is passionately learning german vocabulary by heart. The former state-owned farm is now overgrown with cannabis bushes. Under the leaky roof of the pre-war, postGerman house lives a three generational Nowak family, which struggles against poverty and unpaid bills. The only hope for the family’s future without debts is the daughter – Ola, who just got accepted for the medical studies. Unfortunately, these studies are expensive. Luckily a chance to lay hands on big sum of money arrives. Herr Schmidt, accompanied by his grandson, arrives at the old lands of his ancestors with a very unusual business proposition. During the war in the old orchard, behind Nowak family house, corpses of elderly man’s parents were buried. He is prepared to pay a lot for their exhumation. Transaction will be beneficial for both parties, however, there is a problem. There is no subject of the agreement as the land in Jablonki was grubbed a long time ago and bones were plunged in the nearby lake.

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