ZK Studio

Living on light

Written and directed by: Konrad Szołajski
Camera: Ewa Anna Żukowska
Editing: Jan Mikołaj Mironowicz
Length: 42’
Completed: 2010
Producer: Ewa Żukowska, Konrad Szołajski – ZK STUDIO

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production

About film:

Living without food? Gaining the energy from the environment? Is it possible? This film observes a group of people who claim that man can feed himself with light. Marek, a Polish bio-therapist living in Greece hasn’t eaten for 63 days and lost over 50% of his body mass which almost caused his death. Krzysztof has just come back from India where he studied yoga. His longest fast lasted a month but he’s planning to cleanse his body completely and switch to alternative energy sources. Kazimierz claims that he has done it already and for the last five years has been feeding himself with sun light. Joanna’s longest period without food was two weeks but she believes that living on light is a way to achieve happiness. By telling their stories these people have courage to contradict the theories of modern science.

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