ZK Studio

The Parish of Father Custodian

Written and directed by: Konrad Szołajski
Camera: Ryszard Janowski
Editing: Hanna Kłoskowska
Lenght: 25’
Completed: 2006
Production: ZK STUDIO

About film:

The inspiration to make this film was a scene from Konrad Szołajski’s feature debut The Man of… (1993) in which St. Mary’s Sanctuary appeared. The film director came back to that place to make a documentary about the people who consider this temple to be the centre of their world. The pious inhabitants of a small village in the middle of Poland led by their charismatic parish priest erected a pyramid–like sanctuary which overwhelms the area. The director and cameraman followed a sanctimonious style of naive religious paintings to convey the feeling of fierce pious faith expressed in an extraordinary way.

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